Who and what is Fathom Space?

Right now I am all about other people’s work. This is the only way I will understand my own.

There are too many visual and audible representations that spill out as a result of our curiosities. Too many to NOT strive to continuously be searching and listening to the changes and masterpieces created around us. This quest will help us as a togetherness unravel the knot of being human.  Of being an artist.

Fathom Space was created by Rachel Calderon Navarro, Sam Schultz, and Brett Powell. It is a gallery that can be deconstructed physically and in a way metaphorically. It was created to provide a playground for artists who are interested in experimenting in a small space solely dedicated to art and the people who want to be immersed in a fresh voice.  Fathom was created to bring an unrecognizable shift to a place with in-house iconography.

Currently we are based in Missoula, Montana. We would love to take it on the road one day but for now we bring it for the community of Zootown.

Three walls and an entrance, Fathom Space is here for you and me and everyone.